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> About Us  
Orion Solar Power aims to become the leading solutions provider of solar power systems in Pakistan. A subsidiary of the Kings Group of Companies, a closely held, $120 million diversified conglomerate, the Group has interests in commodities trading, construction, farming,
Solar Panels
manufacturing, oil, retail, textile, travel & leisure and water purification.

Orion Solar Power operates two distinct and separate divisions: The first, Orion Solar Power, provides small and medium sized solar electric and solar thermal power systems directly to the consumers through our company's retail channel.

At our company's other division, the Orion Consultants Group (OCG), we provide large, industrial scale solar power systems to help Pakistan meet its ever growing need for power, from alternative energy sources.

One of our core competencies is in the area of installing solar street lights. At OCG we have teamed up with US based Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO) to leverage SEPCO’s worldwide reputation and expertise in the field of solar street lighting, OCG hopes to promote the use of solar powered street lights instead of the conventional "off the grid" electric power to help light up large scale government and private sector projects like highways, roads and new housing developments in Pakistan and thus help wean the country from its dependence on fossil fuels.

The world's largest solar powered street lights project was recently completed in Fallujah, Iraq. To implement this massive project, the Iraqi Government had turned to Sepco's industry leading solar powered street light systems to light up the streets and highways of Fallujah.

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> Our Mission
At Orion Solar Power, our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable and state-of-the-art solar power systems that the industry has to offer and at extremely competitive prices. Along with the highest quality products, we strive to deliver the best after-sales service. Whether you are looking for solar electric or solar thermal solution, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your solar power needs.
> Our Vision
Within the next 10 years, Orion Solar Power, would like to see Pakistan reduce by half its dependence on expensive fossil fuels for the generation of its electricity and instead have the country tap the clean, abundant and inexpensive energy of our Sun to meet our citizens' ever growing need for power.